Video: Different sport, same result, Hisaki Kato knocks out Joe Schilling

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Last year, Hisaki Kato had knocked out Joe Schilling with a flying left hand in Bellator MMA. This year? A sensational spinning backfist in Bellator Kickboxing.

Sometimes a guy just has your number, and that is the case for Joe Schilling after another devastating loss vs. Hisaki Kato.

Last year, Kato memorably flattened Schilling in a Bellator MMA bout with this gigantic left hand that had Joe completely out of it just 34 seconds into the 2nd round. Schilling hasn’t fought in MMA since then, and earlier this year, Bellator booked him and Kato to rematch each other in the Bellator Kickboxing ring. In theory, such a fight favored Schilling, who is an experienced kickboxer who holds a win over the likes of Simon Marcus, Wayne Barrett, and Artem Levin in GLORY. Kato came into Friday night’s event with 0 pro kickboxing bouts.

For much of the fight, it looked like Schilling was well on his way to victory in his more comfortable role as pro kickboxer. The seconds were ticking away at the end of round 2, and then Kato unleashed this spinning backfist from hell that left Schilling in a crumpled heap. With literally 1 second left in the 2nd, Kato secured another win over Schilling, whose most recent kickboxing and MMA bouts have ended in 2nd round KO losses to the same guy.

Enjoy all of the videos from multiple angles, because it’s special.

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