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DoubleUnderhooks.com | Jon Jones Will Return To UFC on April 23rd!

Jon Jones Will Return To UFC on April 23rd!

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The King has returned!!

Jon Jones, the former undisputed light heavyweight champion of the world and the number one pound for pound best fighter on the planet has announced he will return to the octagon April 23rd.

We all know who is opponent will be… The current light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. Notice how I didn’t introduce him as the undisputed champion! “To be the man… You gotta beat the man” in the words of Ric Flair. Daniel Cormier most certainly has not did this.

At UFC 182 these two fighters did battle and Jones handily came out on top. He out-wrestled the Olympic wrestler Cormier, won the striking battles, had more determination, will and desire to get the win.


The only man who could take the title from Jones was himself and he did just that with his antics outside of the octagon. The announcement that Jones will return on April 23rd  could most certainly be the end of Daniel Cormiers title reign.

A hungry and newly motivated Jon Jones is a scary thought. (Take a look at the muscle Jones has put on!) From the last fight I watched Jones disposed of DC with relative ease. I think this time his will run through Cormier and possibly get the finish. Cormier hates Jones. Jones hates Cormier. This fight will be PPV gold the trash talk will most certainly be legendary.


He has been training for a long time now waiting for his suspension to be up and to get his chance to regain what he never lost the lhw title. He looks like a different animal now.. He always claimed he doesn’t train off season. He certainly is now and he looks like a machine.

This time off due to his suspension has given him time to think. He is the greatest fighter of all time. Someone now has his belt and claims to one his throne. This will be a burning fire in Jones. On April 23rd Jon Jones will complety out class Daniel Cormier and regain his Title and status as the number one pound for pound fighter in the world an I can’t wait to watch!

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Charlie McCartan

Charlie is an enthusiast who considers MMA to be “the best sport in the world”. Hailing from the proud country of Ireland, Charlie is 22 years of age and currently working for thegaastore.com.