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DoubleUnderhooks.com | Sage Northcutt – Career & Opponents So Far

Sage Northcutt – Career & Opponents So Far

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Sage Northcutt recently made his UFC debut and in spectacular fashion, knocked out Francisco Trevino in 57 seconds. This sparked a lot of debate in the MMA world, some people claiming he’s the new GSP who is destined for a long career at the top, others claiming he will meet his match soon enough. In this article we take a look at Sage Northcutt’s record and show you how he faired against previous opponents.

First of all, some stats…

  • Sage Northcutt has had 6 professional MMA fights. 4 in Legacy, 1 in Fury and his latest in the UFC.
  • A fight with Sage Northcutt lasts just 02:28 mins on average.
  • 5 of Sage’s last 6 fights have ended in the 1st round.
  • Sage has won 4 of his last 6 fights by TKO and the remaining 2 by submission.
  • Sage has only ever fought outside of his home state, Texas once and that was in Louisiana.

Sage Northcutt’s first professional fight against Tim Lashley.

This fight took place on April 20th, 2014 in Houston, Texas as part of Legacy Fighting Championship 37. His professional debut was short and sweet as Sage finished Tim Lashley in just 0:27 seconds. Tim Lashley’s record at the time of the fight was 0-0-0.

Sage Northcutt’s second professional fight against Jacob Capelli.

Just 5 days later, Sage competed in Houston, Texas again for the LFC – Challenger Series. 55 seconds into the first round Sage had already secured his second professional MMA win via TKO. Capelli had a record of 2-7-0 at the time of the fight. Unfortunately there is no footage of this fight at the moment.


Sage Northcutt’s third professional fight against James Christopherson.

Taking place once again in Houston, Texas this would be Sage’s second longest lasting fight to date (even if it was still a first round finish!). 4:35 into the first round Sage landed a barrage of hard punches onto Christopherson who was on the canvas unable to defend himself. The record for this opponent after fighting Sage was 2-3-0.

Sage Northcutt’s fourth professional fight against Gage Duhon.

It was at Legecy 42 in November 2014 that Sage Northcutt would demonstrate that he also has a submission game that is deadly and effective. A longer fight ensued (by Sage’s standards at least), after 4:26 Sage defeated Gage Duhon (5-2-0) by rear naked choke.

Sage Northcutt’s ffifth professional fight against Rocky Long.

The only fight that Sage took into round two ended after 3:30 by neck crank submission. Sage again demonstrated he doesn’t just have flashy kicks and combos in his arsenal. This is a key moment in his career to date, Rocky Long is a veteran journey man (ok not the best record at 21-34-1) at 37 years old who definitely had tonnes more experience than Sage, which was probably why the fight went into the second round.

Sage Northcutt’s sixth professional fight against Francisco Trevino.

Sage’s UFC debut against Francisco Trevino was nothing short of awesome. Like his first 3 fights he demonstrated aggression and spectacular style as he disposed of Trevino in just 57 seconds. Trevino’s record was 12-1-0 at the time.

Is Sage Northcutt the nest GSP?

It’s the classic conundrum that young fighters on the rise to the top with a perfect record face. Is it just a case of easy opponents? Has Sage truly been tested? How will he hold up in a 5 round war? The questions are endless at this point and only time will tell. All we can hope for is some entertaining fights ahead as Sage continues his fascinating journey in the UFC!


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