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UFC 193 Reaction & Analysis

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We could talk about how mark hunts hands are forever and will always be dangerous with another ko victory, or how Uriah hall will never live up to his so called potential with his no rush wait for an open attitude. Or Joanna folding her own legacy in the 115 pound division What I really want to discuss is holly Holms amazing victory with this coming down to tactics, strategy and coaching! In contrast to In my opinion weak coaching and game plan that rousey suffered. Ronda was supposed to be unbeatable, she got beat. At that it was a devastating defeat.
If you look at her past fights although not much to go on her boxing is novice compared to that of holm. She swings for the fences has no defence and will take a hit to land her own. Holly holm is an incredible boxer! Her tactics for the fight were get in and get out with her punches, a tactic that has been seen a lot with the Jackson camp that does in fact work!
Rousey strategy should have been to take the fight to the ground with her judo and use her submission game. This is after all what has won her fights with relative ease in some cases. This should have been no different and I blame her coach! It’s what’s she best at not her boxing skills! I don’t know if it’s weak coaching to tell her a game plan that would have been most successful for her or if she rules the roost and tells her coach how she wants to fight. Sometimes you just have to admit someone’s skill is better than yours which we seen with rouseys boxing compared to that of Holms! But… Rousey has a lot of others skills and techniques that wouldn’t even bring Holms boxing into play but she chose not to utilise this!!


Holly Holms performance was beautiful her timing, footwork and punches were precise! She didn’t waste a movement. She believed in herself and her coaches to tell her she could and would win! This is the difference why coaching is vitally important and not be under estimated you need to have a definitive game plan for when you enter the Octagon and this is why Jackson mma is so successful, they have an answer for everything. If the rematch happens most likely at UFC 200.
If rousey does not get new coaching someone who is going to tell her a game plan and not let her be stubborn trying to beat an opponent who clearly has your number in that skill department she will lose again! Congratulations holly holm your performance was perfect. We all look forward to the rematch, and with only continued world class training and jacksons mma you will only get better a reason why I now think the rematch is yours to take.

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Charlie McCartan

Charlie is an enthusiast who considers MMA to be “the best sport in the world”. Hailing from the proud country of Ireland, Charlie is 22 years of age and currently working for thegaastore.com.