Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm moved to UFC 193 Melbourne

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Ronda Rousey in Melbourne is good for UFC and Australian MMA. 

Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm will now replace Robbie Lawler vs. Carlos Condit as the headline of UFC 193 in Melbourne — and it’s the best thing the UFC could have hoped for.

MMA fans will tell you that Melbourne are missing out on a potentially amazing fight, and they aren’t wrong, Lawler/Condit could have easily been fight of the night — but there are a number of reasons Ronda Rousey in Australia is better for us.

It’s true that Rousey will most likely destroy Holm and that it will be a shadow of the fight Lawler and Condit could have put on, but the UFC are trying to fill a 70,000+ stadium and Rousey can do that.

Melbourne have been starved of MMA due to the cage ban and it’s possible UFC 193 would have been a sell-out anyway, but Lawler and Condit just aren’t household names — there will be wife and kids asking to go see Ronda Rousey.

“She will break the all-time attendance record for the sport of mixed martial arts,” Dana White said on ESPN. “Obviously Ronda Rousey was huge for us down in Brazil, she was well received there, it was just a phenomenal event. It did very well on pay-per-view here in the United States. She’s obviously a huge superstar for us and Australia’s an important market for us so we’re going to bring her out there. Our first real big stadium show — we know that she’ll break the record”

The other reason fans should be over the moon about Rousey coming Down Under is because they have a chance to be a part of history. Some may criticise her for being a great fighter in a weak division, but it only looks weak because she is so much better.

Seeing Rousey live will be something people will tell their kids about in 30 years time, like getting the chance to see Mike Tyson in the flesh or watching Michael Jordan dominate a basketball game — it’s a once in a life time experience.    

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Source: InsideMMA

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