Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Is A UFC Fan!?

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It’s no surprise that super fights in the get a lot of attention from the celebrity world. Many Basketball players, movie stars and music artists line the first few rows making it a star-studded event almost every time. However, there is one celebrity who loves MMA and like most people you probably wouldn’t have guessed! The mystery super-fan is none other than celebrity from the UK, . Ramsay has featured on many TV shows since establishing a popular TV career in his home country of the UK. He also operates a string of successful restaurants, not to mention he cooks some mouthwatering dishes!


At UFC 196 Gordon Ramsay was spotted cage side sitting next to UFC Hall of Fame legend, Georges St-Peirre. In fact, it’s hard to tell who was more starstruck as they both posed for numerous photos which have since emerged on the Internet. Ramsay apparently flew all the way to Vegas just to watch Conor McGregor take on Nate Diaz. He confirmed that he would be in attendance a week before the fight via Twitter.


Ramsay certainly appeared to enjoy the fights and engaged with fans on social media aftweards discussing his take on all of the action that went down the previous night. It seems UFC boss even had time for the celebrity chef as they chatted and took photos in between fights. Ramsay has apparantly been a fan of the sport for many years. In the video below he is seen hanging out with Tito Ortiz during fight week a few years back. This can only be good for the sport of MMA. Hopefully the attendance of celebrities from different countries will help spread awareness of the sport that is MMA! Take a look at Ortiz and Ramsay in the video below!

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