Dan Hardy Emerges From Psychedelic Jungle Trip With A Sloth

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Ex UFC fighter and current UFC commentator has been very open and vocal about his trips deep into the jungles of South America to take part in Ayahuasca ceremonies. His most recent trip took place after finishing his obligations for UFC London. Dan announced the following before flying to South America to begin his trip: “As one journey ends, the next one begins… This one required a haircut. Check out my new blog post at danhardymma.blogspot.co.uk about my next adventure. ‪#‎WolfcamOnTour‬ ‪#‎IntoTheLight‬”.


Dan Has spoke in great detail about the benefits of taking the psychedelic compound called Ayahuasca which has helped him learn, develop and overcome problems he has faced in his personal life and fighting career. He has debated the controversial subject with Joe Rogan on his podcast the Joe Rogan Experience. Joe is also a fan of psychedelic substances and as you can imagine, it made for an excellent podcast.


Before taking part in the ceremony Dan Posted the following statement on Facebook. “It’s nice to have wings again… The coast line of ‪#‎‬, just north of Lima. The beginning of what will be an intense but productive journey. Define your comfort zone and then find the quickest way out. That’s where life begins. ‪#‎BackpackLiving‬ ‪#‎OnTheRoadAgain‬ ‪#‎NeverStopExploring‬”. It looks like he had a great time and even posed for a photo with a after completing his latest psychedelic journey! Do you think Dan Hardy will enter the Octagon again? Let us know on Twitter!


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